The Mission

Our mission is to provide an authentic platform for drill culture by building an outlet that amplifies three C.R.U. principles to the next-generation artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs...

  • Crown

    Wisdom within drill culture means having the ability to navigate complex environments and situations through a combination of street smarts, control, and resourcefulness. We believe that all street backgrounds are rich with unique experiences and perspectives that offer valuable insight and knowledge onto many other aspects of life. We aim to pay tribute and learn from these stories.

  • Resilience

    Our brand emphasizes the drill qualities of being bold, unapologetic, and raw. Whether you are wearing our brand or embodying the culture, we believe that by pursuing your hustles, despite facing opposition, radiates a wavelength that can ignite in those around you. We believe that savage resilience can fuel a constructive and competitive means of escape and self-expression.

  • Unit

    Unity and loyalty empower drill artists and enthusiasts alike to embrace their creativity and express themselves fearlessly through the culture. United by shared dreams, experiences, and values, C.R.U. aims to be a beacon for the collective energy of voices trying to overcome frustrating circumstances. We believe that it is within this communal backbone that drill culture gains its potency.

Join the C.R.U.

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